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  British Heart Foundation - 500 sponsorship   25th May - 6th June

Idealpeople are all heart!

Idealpeople, Recruitment and Staffing experts operating in the high-technology arena, are delighted to be sponsoring these four friends through one of the toughest physical and mental challenges of their lives.....

The idea was born through boyish pub chat 6 months ago and quickly materialised into one of the greatest challenges they will ever face! They plan to cycle unsupported from John O'Groats to Lands End (just shy of 1000 miles) in only 10 days using only bikes and a serious amount of energy! They are at it alone - no support cars with supplies, just them, their bikes and the UK weather! They are not only doing this ride as a challenge for themselves but also to raise a serious amount of money for a very good charity.

Idealpeople are delighted to be sponsoring the team with a donation of 500. As soon as we heard about the trip we realised it ticked all our boxes: Exercise evangelism, an idea spawned in a pub in Cambridge, bikes ridden country-wide by a collective of talented (if a little sweaty!) Engineers and Computer Scientists, and most importantly, our chance to make a visible contribution to a very worthy cause, The British Heart Foundation.

From all the team at Idealpeople, we sincerely hope the road, weather and fitness conditions are all 'ideal' for the journey.

Read about the boys, their challenge and great cause.

Make a donation to the British Heart Foundation.

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